Vehicle towing Slovenia
Vehicle towing Slovenia
Vehicle towing Slovenia

Vehicle towing Slovenia

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Have you been involved in a car accident? Has your car broken down on the road, maybe in a car park? Have you ever locked your car keys in the car and couldn’t get to them? The answer or the result is vehicle towing Slovenia.

Vehicles are a big part of our everyday lives all year round, so it’s not uncommon for weather conditions to have a big impact on various breakdowns. It is very easy to get stuck in the snow with inadequate equipment, and even with the right equipment, in extreme weather conditions, accidents can happen very quickly. The car can quickly skid on icy or wet roads, we can drive into high water that has accumulated on the roadway and “flood the engine”, strong gusts of wind can cross our path and cause us to lose control of the vehicle, and in extremely high temperatures the car can simply “smoke”. Even without weather factors, you may find yourself in a situation where towing is the only solution. A tyre could burst, we could be involved in a car accident through no fault of our own or someone else’s, or there could simply be a breakdown of the car or one of the main components that affects the car’s driveability. Even outside driving, we may need assistance. Smart technology often makes our daily tasks easier, but it can also cause us a few problems. In particular, automatic locking systems and other electronics that are essential for operating the car can often fail. Car keys can be locked in the car very quickly, or even lost. Pets that wait for a moment in a running car can inadvertently lock the car at the touch of a button. And the electronics themselves often fail, especially in extreme weather conditions.

In these cases, we have no choice but to pull the car off the road as far as possible and call a towing service. Vehicle towing Slovenia is here for you.

That’s where we come in! Call our team on 031 655 629 and arrange to have your vehicle towed or unlocked. We are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are a family-run business that has been operating successfully since 1986. We offer many services such as bus and van transport, transport and travel organisation and, of course, car towing. We employ 7 experienced drivers who are licensed to operate various means of transport and who are no strangers to driving in Slovenia and abroad. We offer vehicle towing Slovenia and abroad. Our drivers are professional and expert, so you can call us with confidence that we will solve your problem. As car towing can be a difficult and time-consuming service, we strive to do it professionally, accurately, carefully and of course in the shortest possible time and to do our best to help you as our customer and meet your needs.


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Avtobusni prevozi Klemenčič
Stara Oselica 44
4224 Gorenja vas, Slovenija
Gsm: +386 (0)31/ 655 - 629

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