Delicious Carniolan sausage
Delicious Carniolan sausage
Delicious Carniolan sausage

Delicious Carniolan sausage

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In a former renowned watchmaker’s workshop in Ljubljana, you will find Klobasarna Ljubljana, distinguished by a new concept of fast food featuring the most famous Slovenian traditional dish: the delicious Carniolan sausage.

The knowledge of making delicious Carniolan sausage originates from a centuries-old tradition of pig slaughtering, the largest secular holiday of our ancestors. The name “Carniolan” for this sausage dates back to the early 19th century, during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. It was used to denote the geographical origin of this particular meat sausage. The product name “Carniolan sausage” contains a completely defined geographical reference, representing the central historical region that has been entirely Slovenian since the 15th century within the Slovenian national territory. Thus, “Kranjec” (Carniolan) was another name for a Slovenian. As a separate region within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Carniola ceased to exist in 1918, and its “heir” is today’s Republic of Slovenia.

The oldest recipe for the delicious Carniolan sausage was recorded during a journey through the former Carniola by the famous cook Katharina Prato, also known as Pratobevera, and was published in her work “Süddeutsche Küche” in 1896 (first edition in 1858). In the Slovenian language, the recipe was first fully documented in the sixth edition of “Slovenska kuharica” by Felicita Kalinšek in 1912.

The quality of this type of sausages and the knowledge of their production have been confirmed several times, including at the 1932 World Exhibition of Food Products in Brussels, where the Rozman butcher’s shop from Ljubljana received a gold medal, a plaque, and a diploma.

Original Carniolan sausages are now protected. They are made by eleven certified producers following the original recipe from the second half of the 19th century. The reputation of this excellent sausage is significantly shaped by the annual Festival of the Carniolan Sausage in Sora near Medvode, the Carniolan Sausage Days held in different locations in Slovenia each year, the Carniolan Sausage Festival in Cleveland (Ohio, USA), and numerous other smaller events.

Klobasarna Ljubljana offers a simple menu: original and high-quality Carniolan sausage with a verified origin, fresh kaiser rolls, good mustard or fresh horseradish, available for take-away. Klobasarna Ljubljana invites you to savor a genuine original Carniolan sausage.


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