Bosch high pressure pump
Bosch high pressure pump
Bosch high pressure pump

Bosch high pressure pump

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In addition to diesel injectors, the fuel injection pump is one of the most important elements of a diesel engine. Its job is to pump fuel into the engine’s cylinders. The concept itself of combustion engines dictates that the process that ensures operation is an extremely hot process as combustion is required. This is why, when working with diesel engines in any way, it is necessary to be extremely careful.

Burja Diesel Service has a wide range of Bosch high pressure pump suitable for all types of vehicles.

As the name “suggests”, the “main job” of a supercharger is to push or pressurise the fuel through the hose to the injection nozzle. This is where Bosch’s so-called “common-rail” system technology comes in. This system consists of three key elements: the common-rail, the fuel injector and the high-pressure pressure pump.

And because the common-rail or common-duct system has become so widespread and useful in almost all “diesel cars”, we also have a wide range of Bosch injectors. The Burja Diesel Service, a Bosch compressor, offers you a variety of models (0 460 494 131 REP, 0 445 010 248/382 REP, 0 460 484 046 REP, 0 460 404 986 REP, 0 460 415 985 REP, 0 460 414 983 REP…….), among which you will surely find a model that suits your make of vehicle.

If you need Bosch high pressure pressure pump for Audi, Volkswagen, Opel, Seat, Renault, Mercedes Benz, BMW as well as for other makes of vehicles, please contact Diesel Service Burja, get your Bosch high pressure pump and become a satisfied customer.

Diesel Service Burja offers you, as part of its activities, top-quality service services. They boast many years of experience and a number of satisfied customers. They are committed to ensuring that all employees are highly trained, use quality materials of proven quality and, of course, top quality tools, combining all of the above to provide a first-class service. As part of the range of services offered, they service diesel injectors is not the only service they offer, they also offer general vehicle inspections, vehicle optics, professional assessment of the scope of repair, diesel injector servicing, repair and testing of both pumps and injectors, testing of other components, maintenance and servicing of shock absorbers, clutches, ABS systems, electronics, injection systems, brakes and much more.


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