Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto
Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto

Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto

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medle novaBlinds MEDLE, Novo mesto offer a complete solution in one place. A comprehensive program of shades and window production is a perfect combination for you. Manufacture and installation of windows is adjusted to the chosen shade type which can be selected immediately when placing order, or for later installation. Since we offer a comprehensive solution in one place, our slogan is: “From windows to shades, all in one place, all at one expert.”

The purpose of our activity is to rapidly adapt to market needs, construction and manufacturing of new designs, and providing a superior quality of our materials.

The main mission of the company Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto is to satisfy all needs:
of individual parties in the supply and installation of windows
when shading glass surfaces
of companies in the supply of shades, windows or components for their own production and resale.

Blinds MEDLE, Novo mesto offer a wide range of products to provide solutions for every need our customers and businesses partners might have, all in one place with an optimal ratio between price and quality.

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Roller shutters

The roller shutters offer an external protection against a variety of external influences and unwanted views. They enable us to completely darken a room, while offering and excellent thermal and sound insulation as well. They protect from intruders (security rollers) and protect against the annoying insects in the room (with insect screen integrated in the box).

● External mount-on visible

● External concealed

● Built-in roller shutters

● Electrically operated roller shutters

● Anti-theft shutters

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Venetian blinds

There are many types of shades, one of the most popular are the blinds. Regarding their purpose we distinguish interior and exterior blinds. They are suitable for installation in both commercial as well as residential buildings.

With a simple regulation of slats angle the internal blinds protect us from direct sunlight and unwanted views. At the same time the internal blinds also serve as a decorative element in the room.

In case you want additional thermal insulation, or better weather protection, we recommend to choose one of the external blinds. They are installed on the outside, which prevents a direct transmission of heat into the room. In combination with facade they also contribute to a better aesthetic appearance of the building.

● External blinds

● Interior blinds

● Wooden blinds

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Insect screens

Insect screens offer a simple and effective solution to the problem. They allow fresh air to enter the room, while guarding against the intrusion of annoying insects and bugs even when the window is fully open.

If you want to stay safe from the annoying insects, some of which are even dangerous for your health, you need to prevent them from entering the room by installing insect screens on your he windows or doors. Coming in three basic variations, the insect screens are reliable, harmless to the environment and people, and are suitable for houses as well as for public facilities. They are particularly suited for the facilities where the preparation and sale of food and drinks takes place (restaurants, canteens, hospitals, food stores, …).

● Roll-up insect screens

● Fixed insect screens

● Integrated insect screens

● Sliding insect screens

● Pleated insect screens

● Door insect screens


Sunbreakers are sun shades, which are much more compact, resilient, and much larger than other standard shades. In addition to their primary function of shading, in combination with the facade they also contribute to a better external appearance while providing extra thermal insulation. Sunbreakers can also be used as a barrier or protection for various types of terraces.

● Fixed sunbreakers

● Flexible sunbreakers

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are made of high quality aluminium material with UV protection, which can be mounted from the inside (inside the door frame), as well as on the outside (facade).

As the roller door box takes up very little space, it can be fitted into virtually into any opening, which is not possible with other types of door (eg. panel door). You can choose between garage door slats with a width of 55 mm (more suitable for smaller openings – classical garage doors), and slats with a width of 77 mm (suitable for wider garage doors). The slats are are filled with polyurethane foam, which enhances their thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

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Roletarstvo Medle d.o.o.
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