Bitumen heaters, making and consulting
Bitumen heaters, making and consulting
Bitumen heaters, making and consulting

Bitumen heaters, making and consulting

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At Elektromehanika Hožič we produce bitumen heaters, tube heaters, cartridge heaters, Flat heaters, clamp heaters, laboratory heaters, flexible wire heaters and galvanic heaters. We offer you bitumen heaters, making and consulting.

Bitumen heaters have the advantage of an extremely low load per square centimetre so that the mass to be heated does not burn. Bitumen heaters were originally designed for heating bitumen, but they are also used in oil heating applications where a very low power load per square centimetre is of paramount importance. Bitumen is extracted from petroleum, is black in colour, sticky to hard, has a temperature-dependent elasticity (it becomes softer and more fluid when heated) and has a high chemical resistance. Bituminous heaters do not cause mass seizure as the load on the heater per square centimetre is very low. In addition, the heat is not carried away by the wind.

We are an ambitious family-run company with extensive experience in the manufacture, service and sale of all types of heaters. We have operated in Slovenia and throughout Europe for over 50 years. We guarantee that our bitumen heaters, workmanship and purchasing advice are of first-class quality, using materials of proven quality, modern equipment and proven manufacturing processes improved by modern approaches. We guarantee that our products and services are of the highest quality, as we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction, so we tailor all our products and services to your wishes, needs and requirements. And if you are unsure, our knowledgeable staff will happily advise and assist you in purchasing decisions. Because we value our customers, we make sure that all our services are reliable, responsive, precise and, of course, that we maintain the best price-quality ratio. Bitumen heaters, making and consultancy are something we are really good at.

While bitumen heaters, making and consultancy are our core business, we also offer a variety of other heaters such as tubular, cartridge, galvanic, laboratory, immersion, plate, clamp heaters, flexible wire heaters, various bespoke heaters and, of course, servicing and repair of all possible types and brands of heaters. We aim to provide products and services that meet the highest quality standards, enabling users to enjoy many years of use. The quality of our products and services is testified by our AA+ rating, which has been awarded to us for many years in a row. We are confident that our company’s bitumen heaters, workmanship and advice are your best choice. We can be contacted through a variety of media, by calling us on +386 41 697 413 or by visiting our website and filling in our online order form. Don’t hesitate to order a new heater or service your old one and warm up with us.


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Elektromehanika Hožič
Koroška cesta 47a
4000 Kranj
Gsm: 00386 41 697 413
Call: 00386 4 23 65 270

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