Domžale is a town and the seat of Municipality…..

Domžale is a town and the seat of Municipality of Domžale. The town lies near the foothills of the Kamnik Alps and is crossed by the Kamnik Bistrica River. It includes the hamlets of Zgornje Domžale, Spodnje Domžale,and Študa. Domžale is known today for its small businesses, agriculture, and light industry.

Domžale became a town in 1925 and a city on 19 April 1952. In the following years, Domžale became an industrial center with strong chemical and textile industry. In 1980, the construction of modern apartments began and Domžale became known as a bedroom community of Ljubljana.

After Slovenia declared independence, on 27 June 1991 the Yugoslav army attacked barricades in the town, and bombed the radio transmitter and houses.