Bovec is a town….

Bovec is a town in the Littoral region in northwestern Slovenia, close to border with Italy. It is the central settlement of the Municipality of Bovec.

The settlement lies in the Bovec Basin of the upper Soča River, below the eastern slopes of Mount Kanin in the Julian Alps, forming the border with Italy. The adjacent Trenta Valley in the northwest leads into Triglav National Park.


The citizens of Bovec largely depend on tourism. In recent years, the area has become increasingly popular with advertisers and filmmakers; part of the Disney film The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was shot here. The area received the European Destinations of Excellence award in 2008 with the Soča Stories project. Area destinations include: Boka Falls, Mount Triglav, the Soča River, Lake Krn, the Kanin (Sella Nevea) ski resort, the Vršič Pass, the mountain road to the Mangart Saddle