Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek
Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek

Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek

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There is never enough wine to be drunk, still never that little that we could not serve you with it. That is how an old tradition commands and welcomes you.

Welcome to the Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek, where you can get:

a.) guided tour of the cellar with wine tasting Emino
b.) admission for groups
c.) organization of special events as weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversaries, business meetings, seminars or presentations, team building workshops … up to 70 persons

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In the shelter of her goodness

emino 15Saint Emma, the only Slovenian Saint closely related to our land and people, lived right here in Kozjansko. According to Slovenian folk tradition, Princess Emma was born at the end of the first millennium in the Pilstanj castle in Kozjansko. Of good breeding, according to genealogical records, coming from the noble Bavarian-Austria Luitpoldings family. When she married the Margrave of Savinya William II of Friesach-ZeltshFriulishe became more closely tied to our land. Her estate stretched from Friuli to Upper Styria and down to Lower Carniola.

Despite the tragic loss of her husband and two sons and other trials she faced in life, Emma never lost her faith and smile. Instead she spent her time and estate caring for the poor and establishing many parishes and churches in Slovenia and Austrian Carinthia. Her elevation to sainthood occurred in 1938.

Today, St. Emma is worshipped all over the world as a saint of liberation, a liberator of peasants and prisoners, a rescuer of people in need and a helper of the ill and disabled. Her depictions often include a book, a plate and a spoon in her hands.

Her cultural legacy of caring and kindness now in its third millennium can be found throughout the Kozjansko and Obsotelje. Examples include, the Church of St Emma in St. Emma, the subsidiary church in Pilstanj and her statue nearby, the Castle Podsreda, Olimje Monastary and on her hereditary estate in Imeno where the House of Wines Emino stands today. Through the many nearby towns, Podcetrtek, Mestinje, Rogatec, SmarjepriJelsah, her goodness helped create the culture of our region and people.

For more information and reservation contact Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek, on telephone number +386 (0)41 369 – 482

Emino Wines

Come visit our Wine House Emino, Podčetrtek, and sample our certified geographic origin controlled high quality wines. Experience the taste of their special harmony embedded in the cultural tradition of the Obsotelje and Kozjansko regions. Warmed by the sun kissed slopes our selected wines show all the care and love of our long wine-making tradition. Perfect for a toast to health, life, love or your own very special occasion.

Rosaema   Eminent Blue Franckish   Blue Frankish   Virštanjsko rdeče   Yellow Muscat   Chardonnay   Emino Cuvee   Laški rizling   Virstanjčan   Rhein Riesling   Sauvignon   Sparkling Wine Boemme

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Hiša vin Emino, Kmetijska zadruga Šmarje z.o.o.
Imeno 84 A, 3254 Podčetrtek
tel: 041/ 369 - 482

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