Weddings in Ptuj
Weddings in Ptuj
Weddings in Ptuj

Weddings in Ptuj

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Are you preparing for the day when you and your partner will say yes, or are you organizing a birthday or anniversary and need a place to celebrate? Are you organizing a party or some other event and need catering? The right address for weddings and other celebrations is Gostilna Muršič, which is located in a beautiful town not far from your home, namely in the city of Ptuj.

If you want to spend your special day in this city with your soul, Gostilna Muršič offers you a unique location, friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere. Weddings in Ptuj will leave you with many many great memories.

As you already know for sure, the wedding of your dreams needs to be carefully planned in advance. A wedding ceremony is a celebration of your marriage – the most important day in your life and the lives of your loved ones. By choosing a place and creating a celebration, you are talking about yourself, your present, your past, your relationship with your parents, family, friends and society. With a wedding ceremony, you predict your future, present your love, your wedding witnesses and friends, and determine your path and your living environment. The organization of a wedding ceremony is a unique and individual event, which is why Gostilna Muršič’s approach to newlyweds is such that it makes the special day of their life together as beautiful as possible.

In any case, the same applies to all other celebrations, not only weddings in Ptuj, because at Gostilna Muršič every time, on every visit, we do our best to make every guest feel great. Gostilna Muršič offers a capacity of up to 100 guests, and the team of Gostilna Muršič guarantees a warm and pleasant welcome to each of them. Gostilna Muršič offers many options when choosing a menu offer, a large selection of delicious home-made food prepared in the restaurant, and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Gostilna Muršič is an idyllic destination for weddings and other family celebrations as well as business receptions and general assemblies, seminars for entrepreneurs, presentations and all other celebrations. In Gostilna Muršič, they are also available to sports, cultural and other associations to mark their special events. After Holy Baptism, Holy Communion or Confirmation, the best lunch is prepared by the team of Gostilna Muršič. Even during the week, Gostilna Muršič will provide you with a pleasant reception and excellent service. No matter what kind of occasion it is, the Muršič Inn has an individual approach and listens to the wishes and ideas of the guests and follows them.

Do not hesitate to ask at Gostilna Muršič for catering for events or parties and get an offer and pamper your taste buds in a wonderful atmosphere and good company. Let the Gostilna Muršič team conjure up an unforgettable celebration in their exclusive space and make your weddings in Ptuj magnificent.


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