Special crane, Slovenia
Special crane, Slovenia
Special crane, Slovenia

Special crane, Slovenia

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When standard cranes or hoists do not suit the space or work process, we help you to find the right solution in our company. There is no limit!

A “special crane” is a broad term that can refer to any type of crane that is designed and built for unique or specific applications beyond the standard types of cranes commonly used in various industries. Special crane, Slovenia is tailored to meet specialized requirements and challenges in particular environments or industries. These cranes often involve innovative engineering and design to address specific lifting tasks.

Special crane, Slovenia includes carious types of crane. A gantry crane is a type of crane that is supported by legs on either side of the lifting area, rather than being attached to a building or a column. A floating crane is a crane mounted on a floating platform or vessel. A telescopic crane, also known as a mobile crane or truck-mounted crane, features a telescoping boom that can extend or retract. Tower cranes are commonly used in construction sites to lift and move heavy building materials to different heights. A crawler crane is a type of mobile crane that moves on tracks or crawlers instead of wheels.

An articulating crane, also known as a knuckle boom crane, features multiple folding sections in its boom, allowing it to reach over obstacles or into confined spaces. A foundry crane is specifically designed to handle hot metal in foundries or metalworking environments, where standard cranes would be unsuitable due to high temperatures and harsh conditions.

Nuclear cranes are designed for use in nuclear power plants and facilities. These are just a few examples of the many types of special cranes that exist. Each special crane is designed to meet specific challenges and requirements, making them invaluable tools in various industries where standard cranes may not be suitable for the task at hand.

Special cranes offer several advantages and benefits, making them valuable assets in various industries and unique lifting scenarios. Special crane, Slovenia is designed and engineered to meet specific requirements and challenges in particular industries or environments. They are customized to address unique lifting tasks, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Special cranes are often built with higher lifting capacities than standard cranes, allowing them to handle exceptionally heavy loads that may be beyond the capabilities of conventional lifting equipment. Many special cranes, such as mobile cranes and crawler cranes, offer enhanced mobility and maneuverability, making them suitable for use in various terrains and confined spaces. Special cranes, like articulating cranes, gantry cranes, and tower cranes, can reach areas that may be challenging for standard cranes to access. This ability is especially useful in construction and maintenance tasks.

Special cranes are designed to optimize lifting operations, resulting in faster and more efficient material handling. This can lead to time savings and increased productivity on construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and other projects. Often, special cranes are equipped with safety features specific to their intended use, ensuring the highest level of safety for both the operators and the surrounding environment. Different types of special cranes serve a wide range of purposes, making them versatile tools across various industries. They can be used for heavy lifting, precision positioning, specialized material handling, and more.

Overall, special cranes offer tailored solutions, increased capabilities, and specialized features that cater to specific lifting challenges. Whether it’s for unique environments, heavy-duty applications, or complex construction projects, special cranes play a vital role in enhancing productivity, safety, and operational efficiency in diverse industries.

Our customers are looked after by teams of qualified installers and technicians from the mechanical and electrical trades.We dominate our market and make sure your cranes, both old and new, are in the best possible condition.

Customers have trusted us for more than 30 years and more and more new ones are coming – you have recognised our effort and quality – this gives us the drive and the pleasure to work. Our cranes are of high quality, our products highly flexible – we are proud to pursue this goal.


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