Restaurant Ljubljana Slovenia
Restaurant Ljubljana Slovenia
Restaurant Ljubljana Slovenia

Restaurant Ljubljana Slovenia

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Restaurant Ljubljana Slovenia, called Klobasarna is the place where no one will leave hungry. If you’ve already tried the Carniolan sausage and would prefer something else, you can choose a “spoon” dish or delicious štruklji (a traditional Slovenian dish) at Klobasarna. With the Carniolan sausage, you can also surprise your loved ones because restaurant Ljubljana Slovenia, Klobasarna offers it in vacuum-sealed packaging, which makes for a practical and excellent gift.

Perhaps you’d like to treat your family and friends to the Carniolan sausage as well? You don’t necessarily have to come all the way to Ljubljana for an authentic Carniolan sausage. Klobasarna also offers catering services, so you can enjoy the best Carniolan sausage right in your own backyard.

Undoubtedly, the Carniolan sausage is one of the most famous and recognizable Slovenian culinary products. You can taste the original and most delicious Carniolan sausages at Klobasarna in the center of Ljubljana. There, you can enjoy a hearty lunch with the Carniolan sausage, perhaps after a long walk through the city center or up to the castle. Alternatively, you can simply indulge in a “half” of the Carniolan sausage to satisfy your taste buds.

The original and high-quality Carniolan sausage with controlled origin, served with fresh bread, mustard, and horseradish. We are confident that after reading the previous sentence, your mouth is already watering as it’s hard not to visualize this delicious dish. So don’t hesitate because the superb Carniolan sausage is waiting for you at restaurant Ljubljana Slovenia, Klobasarna. If you’re in Ljubljana, it’s the ideal place to satisfy your palate with a traditional Slovenian meat dish. Therefore, don’t forget to stop by Klobasarna for an excellent Carniolan sausage during your stroll in the center of Ljubljana.

Klobasarna Ljubljana offers a simple menu: original and high-quality Carniolan sausage with a verified origin, fresh kaiser rolls, good mustard or fresh horseradish, available for take-away. Klobasarna Ljubljana invites you to savor a genuine original Carniolan sausage.

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