Outboard motors Yamaha
Outboard motors Yamaha
Outboard motors Yamaha

Outboard motors Yamaha

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Outboard motors Yamaha are the main type propulsion system used in smaller boats. They are built like a self-contained unit in which there is an engine, gearbox and a propeller or jet drive. Whole unit is designed and built to be mounted on the outside of the transom. This type of motors is the most common one used for propelling small watercrafts. In some cases, they are not only used for providing propulsion but also for steering control, that is thanks to the design itself, that provides ability to pivot over the mounting and therefore total control of the direction of thrust. The main difference with inboard motors, that is simultaneously one of their biggest advantages, outboard motors can be easily removed for storage or easier repairs. Another advantage of outboard motors is definitely the possibility to tilt the motor up to an elevated position which can be done manually or electronically. That function is very useful with traveling through shallow waters as it eliminates the chance of hitting the bottom, therefore prevents any potential damage that the propeller or the motor itself could sustain, due to the debris, plants and rocks that can be on the bottom.

One of the leading companies that produces outboard motors is definitely Yamaha. A well-established global company, that specializes in production of different kinds of motors for different vehicles. Our company Navtika Rožej specializes in selling and up keeping of the outboard motors Yamaha produces.

Outboard motors Yamaha can be attaches to large outboards or they can be portable. Portable outboard motors Yamaha are usually smaller in size as well as in power, as they rang up to 15 horsepower. They can be easily removed and transferred to another boat. This kind of outboard motors usually have a manual start system. The smallest one weighing as little as 12 kilograms. Portable outboard motors Yamaha are small but strong, use little fuel and are cost efficient. Newer outboard motors Yamaha produces are more and more so electric-powered, as many people prefer electric motors as they are more friendly to the environment as well as even more cost efficient. Pump-jet and propane outboard motors are also very popular.

With our professionally qualified staff, we at Navtika Rožej promise you that we will help you with all you needs, so that you will be equipped with nautical equipment of the best quality. No need to procrastinate and worry about the purchase of nautical equipment, we are here for you.


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