Outboard motors Suzuki
Outboard motors Suzuki
Outboard motors Suzuki

Outboard motors Suzuki

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The most common type of propulsion system used in smaller watercrafts are definitely outboard motors. These motors are built with the idea of the motor being mounted on the outside of the transom. They are a self-contained unit with an engine, propeller or a jet drive and a gearbox and are in some cases used for steering control purposes. That is achieved with the design that provides the ability of pivoting over the mounting which gives total control of the direction of the trust. Besides Yamaha, Suzuki is one of the leading producers of outboard motors.

Outboard motors Suzuki are constructed basically the same as any other brand and have the same advantages as the other in comparing them with inboard motors, but as a leading company in motor production, Suzuki strives for perfection an high quality. The biggest advantage being the ability to remove the outboard motor for winter storage or when repairs are needed. The second advantage in line is the function of tilting up the motor to an elevated position, which comes in handy when navigating shallow water. This function eliminates any chance of catching something with the propeller, on the bottom, that could damage the propeller or the motor. This motion can be done manually or electronically, it depends on the model of the motor itself.

Suzuki is definitely a well-known name in motor and vehicle production. Strong, global company, that values quality. Then incorporate a lot of their values in to the production of the outboard motors Suzuki and the products definitely reflect that. We at company Navtika Rožej are proud to be selling their product as we want to have the best options for our customers. Not only do we sell outboard motors Suzuki, we also offer you services of repairing and up keeping.

Outboard motors Suzuki vary in size and power and can be used with many different watercrafts. Because of the design itself are outboard motors usually smaller in sizes, they can be powered by fuel, pup-jet, propane or electricity. The last one having a strong rise in popularity, mainly because of the lower cost and much improved environmental impact. Smaller outboard motors Suzuki usually have a manual start system.

We at Navtika Rožej stand for quality nautical equipment, so we promise you, all you needs will be met and taken care of. Visit us and see for yourself, get the best outboard motors Suzuki for the best prices. 


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