Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm
Lipica Stud Farm

Lipica Stud Farm

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lipica 18The Stud Farm Lipica is the oldest stud farm with a continuous breeding of horses in the world. The charms of the Lipica Stud Farm are hidden in the unseen, the stories written by the local history. Only when walking on the historical paths we can truly experience the greatness of the local equestrian tradition.


History of the Stud farm and lipizzan horses

The history of the Stud farm Lipica and lipizzan horses is closely intertwined with the Habsburgs who ruled as many as 650 years over an extensive part of baroque Europe.  Horses, the Spanish horse was considered an ideal breed, were at the time a crucial strategic advantage and were thus of outstanding importance to the Habsburgs…MORE

● 16th century

● 17th century

● 18th century

● 19th century

● 20th century

● 21th century

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Heritage of the Stud farm and lipizzan horses

The outstandingness of the Stud Farm Lipica in the field of cultural and natural heritage is based on the following facts:

♦ It is the original stud farm of one of the oldest cultural horse breeds – the Lipizzaner
♦ It is the oldest European stud farm breeding a single breed of horse
♦ Its area is the only micro location ensuring optimum conditions for top breeding of Lipizzaners
♦ It presents a unique atmosphere with individual elements – spatial arrangement, architectural core and cultural landscape which were formed exclusively for the purpose of the basic, original activity – breeding of Lipizzaners,
It has an exceptional development potential in the sense of preserving top breeding of Lipizzaner worldwide
♦ Its development has an outstanding importance for the international reputation of Slovenia
♦ Protected values of cultural landscape and architectural heritage of the Lipica Stud Farm have a permanent and exclusive function of the original activity of the stud farm – horse breeding and riding

The Republic of Slovenia is committed to acknowledging the international status of the stud farm as a horse breeding organisation holding the original studbook for the Lipizzaner…MORE

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Visit to the Stud Farm – an experience you should not miss

lipica 21Get to know the cradle of the Lipizzaners – one of the oldest stud farms in the world with a tradition dating back to 1580! Visit the »on Borjača« stables where the white mares take care of their dark foals. Admire the historical centre of the stud farm and its oldest stable, Velbanca. Find out everything about Lipica and the Lipizzaner in the interactive Lipikum museum. A special experience is also the morning departure of the mares and foals to the pastures…MORE

● The admission to the Lipica Stud Farm includes

Official training of the Lipica Classical Riding School

lipica 22Meet the future stars of Lipica! Let yourself be charmed by the white Lipizzaners during their precious moments of schooling, when bonds of trust are created between the stallions and their riders. They are looking forward to meeting you! Their training session in the riding hall will be accompanied by music and an easy to understand explanation…MORE

● The admission to the official training of the Lipica Classical Riding School includes

Presentation of the Lipica Classical Riding School

Find out what brought international fame to the Lipizzaners! Let the white stallions charm you with their elegant movements, noble character and effortless ease as they present the most demanding figures of classical dressage. The presentations of the Lipica Classical Riding School last for 45 minutes and the last number is the attractive “School above the ground”…MORE

● The admission to the presentation of the Lipica Classical Riding School includes

Visit to Lipikum – interactive center of Lipica

Lipizzaner Museum Lipikum is a centre of cultural and tourist offer of the Lipica Stud Farm. It is designed in accordance with modern museological principles and enables visitors to obtain desired information by themselves by means of different interactions. The content connected in any way with the rich history of the stud farm and the Lipizzaner is available for visitors in the museum…MORE

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Avgust ÄŒernigoj Gallery

lipica 24Avgust ÄŒernigoj was an artist from the Karts Littoral region who has left an indelible mark in the history of Slovene fine art. His life and work were closely intertwined with the history of the Karst Littoral region…MORE

● The author



lipica 25Visit the Stud Farm estate in different way and enjoy the beautiful moments. Take a ride along its numerous alleys and enjoy a unique experience…MORE

“Who is the horse?” programme

Would you like to meet the horse differently and touch your new friend for the first time? Program »Who is the horse« is the best choice for curious  researchers, who wish to know how horses see, hear, feel, thinks and communicate with each other and with humans. We will demonstrate safe and correct approach to the horse. In addition we will show and explain how to touch, brush and groom horses…MORE

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lipica 27We offer

● Weekly riding programme

● Trail riding

● Information for participants of riding courses

Children’s and Family programmes

lipica 28Lipica stud farm offers new programs for children, designed to their age and boundless curiosity. Our instructors will present ponies and lipizzans to children and furthermore, explain how horses communicate and how should people treat them…MORE

● Pony riding

● “Who is the horse?”

● Family program

● Birthday in Lipica

Religious Tourism

Lipica was under the rule of the imperial court from Vienna until World War I. In the period from 1848 to 1875 the stud farm was managed by Karel Grünne who one day realised that he was critically ill. Nevertheless he hoped to recover…MORE

Souvenir shop

The Souvenir shop has opened its doors in the Manor, only a few steps from the oldest stable and the Lipikum Museum…MORE

Special advantages for visitors

In keeping with the Cooperation Agreement concluded between the Park of Military History Pivka, Škocjanske jame Regional Park, and Lipica Stud Farm, a special advantage is available for visitors of either park…MORE

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lipica 31The comprehensive offer of the Lipica Stud Farm offers a rich programme of business tourism…MORE

● Protocol Visits

● Informal activities


● Breeding of Lipizzaners

● Breeding organisation Lipica Stud Farm

● Breeding programme

● Breeding herd

● The Riding School of the Lipica Stud Farm

● Slovenian Lipizzaner Breeding Association

● Horse sale

● Our projects

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