Jib crane, Slovenia
Jib crane, Slovenia
Jib crane, Slovenia

Jib crane, Slovenia

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Jib crane, Slovenia is a simple and affordable solution for lifting loads at a specific workplace, at the edge of a hall or elsewhere where the installation of a bridge crane is not possible.

Jib cranes are manufactured in a number of variants, from classic pillar-mounted or wall-mounted cranes with a fixed or folding jib to travelling jib cranes, which cover the entire length of the edge of the hall.

Some advantages of jib crane, Slovenia include their ability to provide localized lifting solutions, ease of installation, and versatility in handling loads in confined spaces. However, they may have limited reach compared to overhead bridge cranes, which can cover larger areas. Proper training and adherence to safety guidelines are essential when operating jib cranes to prevent accidents and ensure efficient material handling operations.

Jib cranes offer several advantages and benefits, making them a popular choice for various industries and workplaces. Jib crane, Slovenia is ideal for facilities with limited space. They can be mounted to walls, columns, or pillars, requiring minimal floor space while still providing efficient material handling capabilities.

Jib cranes excel at handling materials or loads within a specific area. Their rotation capabilities enable precise positioning of loads, making them suitable for repetitive or localized lifting tasks. Jib crane, Slovenia come in different configurations, capacities, and designs, allowing them to meet specific application requirements. Whether you need a wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or freestanding jib crane, there are options available for various settings.

Compared to larger overhead cranes, jib cranes are relatively easier and quicker to install. They typically require minimal modifications to the existing structure, reducing downtime during setup. Jib cranes are often more affordable than complex overhead crane systems. Their lower initial cost, ease of installation, and reduced maintenance requirements make them a cost-effective lifting solution for many businesses.

Jib crane, Slovenia can enhance workplace safety by reducing the need for manual lifting, which can lead to fewer accidents and injuries. With proper training and safety measures, jib cranes can create a safer working environment for operators and workers. Jib cranes offer excellent control over loads, making them suitable for delicate or sensitive materials. Operators can maneuver loads smoothly and with precision, reducing the risk of damage during lifting and positioning.

Overall, the versatility, cost-effectiveness, and space-saving features of jib cranes make them an attractive material handling solution for various industries, such as manufacturing, warehouses, workshops, construction, and logistics. However, it’s essential to consider the specific lifting needs and application requirements to select the most suitable jib crane type and configuration for optimal performance and safety.

At Insem – Atmos we produce them in various designs, from classic pillar-mounted jib cranes (placed on a dedicated foundation or directly to the appropriate pressure) to wall-mounted jib cranes (mounted on the hall pillar or on the appropriate concrete wall). We adjust the lifting jib according to your needs. We can build a fixed, rotating or folding lever for more complex operations. The movements can be completely manual, combined manual-electric or fully electric for the least possible work effort.

Our customers are looked after by teams of qualified installers and technicians from the mechanical and electrical trades.We dominate our market and make sure your cranes, both old and new, are in the best possible condition. Customers have trusted us for more than 30 years and more and more new ones are coming – you have recognised our effort and quality – this gives us the drive and the pleasure to work. Our cranes are of high quality, our products highly flexible – we are proud to pursue this goal.


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