Immersion heaters, making and consulting 
Immersion heaters, making and consulting 
Immersion heaters, making and consulting 

Immersion heaters, making and consulting 

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Immersion heaters are mainly used in industrial metal electroplating processes, in the chemical industry, for heating liquids, radiators, as boiler heaters and as electric water or air heaters. Immersion heaters are mostly made of high-quality stainless steel and can heat water quickly and efficiently directly into temperature-resistant containers. An immersion heater is a heater installed in tanks or vessels for heating a liquid. It is installed either from the side or via a flange or threaded connection.

Electric heaters for industrial and professional use are part of our product range. This includes bitumen, tubular, galvanic, laboratory, clamp, cartridge, plate and of course immersion heaters, fabrication and consultancy. In addition to these, we also offer the manufacture of flexible heating wires and bespoke heaters.

Our immersion heaters are available in a wide range of outputs and dimensions and are suitable for heating water, oil and other liquids. Our many years of experience mean that our immersion heaters, making and consulting are of a high standard. We have an excellent price/quality ratio and will manufacture your immersion heater for you using the highest quality materials currently available on the market.

Electromechanics Hožič produces the highest quality types of electric heaters. We have been manufacturing flat heaters, fabrication and consultancy and all other forms of heaters for many years. Our quality workmanship has been reported by many customers who like to come back to us. Our heaters are also being distributed beyond the borders of Slovenia, and throughout Europe. We keep to our planned deadlines, we are reliable and responsive. We use tested production processes, which are enriched by the use of modern technology and modern production processes. We aim to produce products that meet the highest quality standards, that satisfy all customer requirements and that achieve a long service life. Immersion heaters, making and consulting was never easier.

We provide a wide choice of heaters. In addition to immersion heaters, you will also find heaters for boilers, ovens, fryers, and saunas as well as for complete industrial heating solutions. We can manufacture the heaters to the dimensions you have planned, but we can also adapt them to your requirements. If you need a new heater, please contact us and we will set about manufacturing your heater with the utmost professionalism and precision. If you need immersion heaters, making and consulting don’t wait but contact us and we will together make the best choice for you.


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