Goulash with ptujski lük
Goulash with ptujski lük
Goulash with ptujski lük

Goulash with ptujski lük

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Goulash is a traditional specialty from Hungary, but we also like to prepare it in our native Slovenia, as it is a very tasty dish that satisfies even the most demanding stomachs. This dish is also extremely welcome on restaurant tables, and the rule applies that goulash is the best there, as it is cooked for a long time and in large quantities.

On Slovenian ground, the goulash with »ptujski lük« is certainly among the best. Goulash with »ptujski lük« is a specialty prepared at our restaurant called Gostilna Muršič in beautiful old town Ptuj.

For those of you who are wondering what »ptujski lük« is, let’s first say a few words about this protected food product. »Ptujski lük«is a Slovenian variety of onion and an old name for onion. It has been grown in fields arounf Ptuj for more than two hundred years and has a special appearance and taste, which is why it has acquired the protected geographical indication label. »Ptujski lük« is unique, because there is no other variety or hybrid in Slovenia that is so similar to »ptujski lük« that it could be confused with it.

»Lüfkars« from fields around Ptuj have preserved the tradition of three-year cultivation of this special type of onion until today. As in the past, it is grown today in a nature-friendly integrated or organic way, which guarantees the high quality of its fruits. In accordance with the long history of cultivation, many customs, traditional dishes (including goulash with »ptujski lük« and the architecture of houses adapted for drying this type of onion) have been developed and preserved in these places. The uniqueness of »Ptujski lük« is manifested in the heart-shaped medium-sized shape, red-brown color of dry leaves and white and purple-red color of the flesh. The advantage of this onion variety is long-term storage, excellent quality, excellent cooking properties and a moderately sharp taste that gives dishes an exceptional taste.

How do you recognize »ptujski lük« with a protected geographical indication:
• heart-shaped and flat shape,
• red-brown to light red color of the outer dry scales,
• white flesh with a purple-red tinge and a stronger purple edge,
• tolerates storage well,
• quickly disintegrates during cooking,
• the most characteristic is the moderately sharp taste and
• strong onion smell.

»Ptujski lük« is used at our Gostilna Muršič in the preparation of some traditional home-made dishes, including our very special house specialty, goulash with »ptujski lük«, whose reputation resonates far and wide. Cold days are upon us, perfect for a good goulash – well, just a little, there’s always time for a good goulash. But what is it that makes goulash really tasty and finger-licking? These criteria are met only by well-seasoned goulash, which smells delicious and is thick, and its meat just melts in your mouth. This is also the case with the beef goulash with »ptujski lük«, which is prepared at Gostilna Muršič and is the only goulash in which a fork and knife are used as utensils, and spoons are not needed.

Otherwise, in Gostilna Muršič, in agreement with the guests, we prepare all kinds of dishes to order, which are listed in our menu, always using home-made local ingredients. You can choose from many meat dishes, gnocchi, fish, meatless dishes, salads and desserts. All dishes are prepared in a traditional way. In addition, in Gostilna Muršič we offer to our guests four types of delicious snacks and five types of daily lunches every day.

Our philosophy of food preparation found support in the lives of wise ancestors who showed them the secrets of the craft. Home-made food at Gostilna Muršič is prepared fresh and top-quality in a traditional way, which celebrates the natural taste of healthy food and is characterized by its simplicity on the one hand, and the fullness of taste and smell on the other.

Our willing and helpful team awaits you with traditional Slovenian delicacies, among which we are particularly proud of the »Ptujski lük« beef goulash presented, as well as the sweet wine queen dessert. If you want a delicious goulash, full of flavor and an amazing smell, visit us at Gostilna Muršič in Ptuj and you won’t regret it. You will get better beef goulash with »Ptujski lük« than you can imagine.


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