Galvanic heaters, making and consulting
Galvanic heaters, making and consulting
Galvanic heaters, making and consulting

Galvanic heaters, making and consulting

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At Elektromehanika Hožič, we boast many years of experience in the production of various heaters. Galvanic heaters, making and consulting advice are our primary specialisation. Galvanic heaters are used in many industries, most commonly in the chemical, textile, metal and construction industries.

Galvanic heaters are used to heat aggressive liquids such as various chemicals and acids. They consist of porcelain tubes with diameters ranging from 50 to 57 mm or chrome tubes with diameters ranging from 16 to 60 mm. In principle, galvanic heaters are assembled the same way as tubular heaters, except that the galvanic connector is protected against contact with the liquid. Galvanic heaters, making and consulting are integral parts of the sales or purchasing process, which are fully customised to each customer’s individual requirements and needs.

Although galvanic heaters, making and consulting are one of our main activities, we also offer tubular, laboratory, clamp, cartridge, immersion and plate heaters. In addition to our production of heaters, we also sell heaters from other well-known manufacturers and offer to service of all heating elements. We use top-quality materials for production and pride ourselves on a high degree of precision and speed of manufacture. We strive to maintain the best price/quality ratio to ensure maximum customer satisfaction with our products and services. We keep to the set production deadlines and fully adapt our products and services to your wishes or needs. In case of uncertainty, our highly qualified experts are ready to help and advise you in making your purchasing decisions.

Our production process uses tested and established manufacturing procedures, which are enriched by the use of modern technology and state-of-the-art production processes. We aim to produce products that meet the highest quality standards, satisfy all customer requirements and achieve a long service life. The AA+ rating, which we have been proud of for many years and which places us at the top of the rating excellence scale, is a testament to the quality of our products and services. That is why we are convinced that our galvanic heaters, their manufacture and the advice we provide when buying them, are the right choice for you. Call us on 041 697 413 or fill in an order form online, then leave the work to us, we’re sure you’ll be delighted.


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