Eat to order Ptuj
Eat to order Ptuj
Eat to order Ptuj

Eat to order Ptuj

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There is no love that can compare to the love for food. That is also the slogan of Gostilna Muršič, which is famous for the luxury of flavors that can be found of their traditional, home made, Slovenian plates. In addition to daily snacks and lunches, Gostilna Muršič also serves high-quality dishes, eat to order Ptuj.

Gostilna Muršič offers a phenomenal lunch or dinner for everyone. Even if you are a customer with such a sophisticated taste, you will not stay hungry at Gostilna Muršič. You can choose from a variety of appetizers in the Muršič Inn’s offer, and then continue with fish, meat and meatless main dishes, and you can also treat yourself to excellent salads and desserts.

The willing and helpful team of the Muršič family awaits you with traditional Slovenian delicacies, among which they are particularly proud of the beef goulash “Ptujski lük” and the sweet wine queen dessert.

With our offer, eat to order Ptuj , you will feel much more than just the taste of the food with main dish, called “steak for friends”, which consists of a fried turkey steak stuffed with cottage cheese and pumpkin seeds and a variety of side dishes of your choice. Gostilna Muršič also offers many other meat dishes, such as three fillets from the grill with herb butter and a side dish and marinated pork strips with roasted vegetables, we even have meatless meals for anyone who is not fond of meat.

Grandma’s bowl will leave you full of enthusiasm: a variety of salad plates for all four seasons. Our “Muršič” salad plate deserves a special mention, which takes us to a warm summer evening by the Adriatic coast and in which, among other things, we find squid and potato balls, the so-called “cherry on the cake” adds a delicious dressing to the “Muršič” salad plate. If we want a little Greek atmosphere, we can choose a salad plate with feta cheese and olives, and for those who swear by the classics, Gostilna Muršič offers a salad plate with turkey fillet and cream dressing and a salad plate with fried pork fillet and cocktail dressing. For all those with a sweet tooth, we recommend a pure and perfect classic for dessert, namely a daily freshly baked apple roll or homemade apple strudel or a cheese roll or homemade cheese strudel.

There is no food, which we offer as our eat to order Ptuj. In addition to delicious food, Gostilna Muršič is also distinguished by excellent service in a unique atmosphere. If you were convinced until now that the best restaurants were somewhere far away, you were wrong. Gostilna Muršič is located in our native Slovenia, in the beautiful town of Ptuj, which remains a restaurant that will delight not only your taste buds, but all your senses. Relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, to the sounds of pleasant music and excellent dishes prepared by the skillful hands of the Muršič Inn team.


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Gostilna Muršič
Dornavska cesta 5
2250 Ptuj

Call: 00386 59 931 506
Gasm: 00386 31 376 696

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