Custom-made heaters, making and consulting 
Custom-made heaters, making and consulting 
Custom-made heaters, making and consulting 

Custom-made heaters, making and consulting 

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We are a family-owned company Elektromehanika Hožič with a rich tradition, successfully operating for 50 years. Our main products are custom-made heaters, making and consulting. As part of our business, we manufacture various heaters to customer orders, sell heaters from various other manufacturers, and also service and repair heaters.

We are committed to ensuring that our custom-made heaters, making and consulting services are made from first-class materials, perfectly tailored to your wishes, plans and requirements, and that the manufacturing and consultancy services are carried out in a professional and tailored manner to your requirements. The heaters for which we offer manufacturing include open helix heaters, knife heaters, ironing heaters, soldering heaters, heating tips, toaster heaters and many more.

We are committed to top quality service, fast response and production times, precision in manufacturing and of course the best value for money. We are dedicated to you, our customers, as much as possible, because your satisfaction means the most to us. Custom-made heaters, making and consulting are tailored to all your requirements and needs, we adjust the dimensions, power and voltage of the heaters, as well as the delivery times.

Tubular, cartridge, bitumen, galvanic, laboratory, clamp, plate or immersion heaters, it is not difficult for us to manufacture any type of heater. We are happy to take on the work and new challenges to create quality products with a long service life for you. We do our work professionally and with a high degree of precision, using quality materials and established and proven manufacturing processes, enriched with the latest technology and modern manufacturing processes. Our aim is always to produce heaters of the highest quality standards with a long service life. We strive to establish a long-lasting relationship with our customers based on professionalism, honesty and of course loyalty, which is why we regularly upgrade and improve our manufacturing know-how and equipment to achieve our goal of top quality products. Since 2014, we have also been manufacturing all the heaters that were discontinued by ETA Cerkno at the close of business. Our individual approach allows us to tailor the production and consulting process to the individual customer, offering help and support at every step of the purchase. That’s why we believe that if you need heaters, we are the right choice for you. You can make an enquiry on the website via the order form, by email or by calling +386 41 697 413.

We can make any kind of heater to your sketches, designs and requirements. Such as:

  • heating knives,
  • ironing heaters,
  • soldering heaters,
  • heating tips,
  • toaster heaters…

We produce heaters with an outer diameter of 8,5 mm and 6,5 mm. All heaters are made to order or to design.

We produce all kinds of heaters, such as:

  • tubular heater,
  • galvanic heater,
  • flexible wire heaters,
  • custom-made heaters,
  • laboratory heater,
  • clamp heater,
  • patron heater,
  • immersion Heater,
  • flat heater…

Electromechanics Hožič manufactures the highest quality electric heaters. We manufacture standard-size heaters and heaters to your specifications and designs. Our heaters are located throughout Europe. We provide top-quality service with the best materials.

We are well-known for:

  • reliability and fast response,
  • precision,
  • excellent value for money,
  • maximum customer dedication,
  • adherence to deadlines,
  • customer satisfaction,
  • excellent references from large and small companies,
  • we make almost all heaters to your design and requirements.


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Elektromehanika Hožič
Koroška cesta 47a
4000 Kranj
Gsm: 00386 41 697 413
Call: 00386 4 23 65 270

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