Bosch injectors 
Bosch injectors 
Bosch injectors 

Bosch injectors 

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When you need an injector for your vehicle, Diesel Service Burja is here for you with Bosch injectors.

Bosch injectors are an important link in the proper functioning of diesel engines. It can be said that the injector is an electromechanical system in the vehicle, which plays an important role in the formation of the mixture of fuel and air. It is also important to note that the injector works with any type of fuel. It is found in petrol and diesel vehicles as well as in gas-powered vehicles.

At Diesel Service Burja, bosch injector, you will get the best Bosch injectors for all makes of diesel vehicles. For brands such as Renaullt, Opel, Citroen, Fiat, BMW, Ford, Iveco, Case, Man, Cummins, Mercedes Benz and other brands, our extensive range has over 100 types of Bosch injectors.

Remember that by checking the injector performance in time, unpredictable and high maintenance costs are reduced. Avoid these types of costs and contact Diesel Service Burja, bosch injectors today. We have the Bosch injectors that won’t let you and your horsepower down.

As mentioned above, injectors are an extremely important part of the engine. The injector valve opens and closes at the same speed as the diesel engine itself. Injectors can be exposed to particles of water, carbon and other dirt which are introduced into the engine via the engine through a weakened air filter element. This has a significant impact on their performance and life, as they are severely reduced. The type of fuel itself, its quality and, of course the additives also affect the performance and life of the injectors and the engine. The very process of opening, closing and delivering the correct amount of fuel by diesel injectors is carried out in milliseconds. Diesel injectors can be come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the make and model of the engine, and the engine power required. Compared to the heavy diesel injectors that are needed in trucks, automotive injectors are much smaller. However, there are two types of injectors.

They differ mainly in the type of injection and, of course, in their fuel efficiency. Although each injector may be different, their composition is essentially the same. All have 15 main components, including, inter alia, a filter, a guide ring, a core spring, restrictor, router, spray tip and others. To ensure smooth operation of your diesel engine, it is necessary to ensure top-performing injectors. That is why diesel injector service is a vital part of your car’s maintenance routine.

Diesel Service Burja offers you, as part of its activities, top-quality service services. They boast many years of experience and a number of satisfied customers. They are committed to ensuring that all employees are highly trained, use quality materials of proven quality and, of course, top quality tools, combining all of the above to provide a first-class service. As part of the range of services offered, they service diesel injectors is not the only service they offer, they also offer general vehicle inspections, vehicle optics, professional assessment of the scope of repair, diesel injector servicing, repair and testing of both pumps and injectors, testing of other components, maintenance and servicing of shock absorbers, clutches, ABS systems, electronics, injection systems, brakes and much more.


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