Asian desserts
Asian desserts
Asian desserts

Asian desserts

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Asian desserts are diverse and vary greatly from country to country and region to region. They often have unique ingredients and flavours, and their presentation ranges from the simple to the intricately artistic. From the delicious mochi, the Japanese glutinous rice flour dessert, mango sticky rice, the popular Filipino Halo-Halo dessert, to Bingsu and the Filipino Leche Flan and the well-known Matcha.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of Asian desserts available. Each country and region has its own unique sweet delicacies and exploring them can be a wonderful culinary adventure.

Asian desserts are considered delicious for many reasons, often combining different flavours, balancing sweet, salty, sour and sometimes spicy elements. This complexity of flavours creates a taste experience that is both interesting and satisfying, usually using fresh and quality ingredients such as tropical fruits, coconut milk, rice and herbs. The use of natural ingredients enhances the flavours and gives the desserts a lively and authentic taste.

Thai desserts are luxuriously varied in texture. From the chewiness of sticky rice to the creaminess of coconut milk, the smoothness of custards to the crunch of toppings such as peanuts or sesame seeds, Thai desserts provide a pleasing contrast of textures that adds to their appeal.

Asian desserts are deeply rooted in Thai culture and tradition. Many desserts are associated with special occasions, festivals or religious ceremonies. The cultural significance and stories behind these desserts give them added value and pleasure.Thai desserts have benefited from Asia’s rich culinary heritage. Thai cuisine has been influenced by neighbouring countries such as China, India and Malaysia, which have contributed their own unique ingredients, flavours and techniques, making the desserts varied and interesting.

It is important to note that taste preferences can vary from person to person and what one person finds tasty may suit another differently. However, the unique flavours, textures and cultural significance of Asian desserts make them popular around the world, and they are appreciated and adored by many. From coconut gel dessert, coconut cake, mochi with different flavours to Thai cakes, you will find it all here at the Thai Asia shop.

Thai Asia Shop is the first shop in Slovenia to specialise in selling fresh Thai vegetables, original Thai sauces, classic Thai noodles, different types of Southeast Asian rice, typical Thai dishes, as well as some of Thailand’s most popular drinks.

Our product range is very varied and is constantly expanding or being updated with many seasonal novelties. The Asian Food Shop is constantly offering you new products and everything you need to create a real Asian evening and treat your friends, family or colleagues in a different way.


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