Alpine Hut Uskovnica, Bohinj

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Srednja vas v Bohinju 137, 4267 Srednja vas v Bohinju
call: +386 (0)31 341 - 814


Alpine Hut Uskovnica, Bohinj, is located on lower part of mountain pasture of Uskovnica. Uskovnica is southeastern part of plateau Pokljuka.

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uskovnica 8Altitude: 1138 m
Access from Srednja vas (1 h) or Stara Fužina (1.5 hrs), from Rudno polje past Razpotje (1 h) or from Goreljek over Praprotnica pasture (2 hrs)
Alpine Hut Uskovnica, Bohinj,  is open every day throughout the year
Rooms offer 38 beds
Dining room provides place for 80 guests
Mountaineers and hikers can enjoy in warm and cold meals and drinks
Central heating

For reservation and more information please call Alpine Hut Uskovnica, Bohinj, on the telephone number +386 (0)31 341 - 814.

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Srednja vas v Bohinju
Srednja vas v Bohinju 137