Alpine Hut under Bogatin, Bohinj

Specific details Alpine Hut under Bogatin
Ukanc 148, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero
call: +386 (0)4 828 - 03 - 05


pod bogatinom 12Alpine Hut under Bogatin, Bohinj, is located in vast basin with mountain pasture Na Kraju.

On the hill beside lodge is built pyramid from natural stone blocks. Pyramid was built for deceased soldiers.

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pod bogatinom 14• Altitude: 1513 m
• Access from the Savica Waterfall past the alpine hut on Komna (2 hrs) in the direction towards Krnsko jezero lake (15 min)
• The Alpine Hut under Bogatin, Bohinj, is open from 15 June until the end of September, in winter (New Year’s Eve) and during the spring skiing period
• Private rooms offer 41 beds; the common sleeping room offers 13 beds
• Dining room provides place for 50 guests
• Mountaineers and hikers can enjoy in warm and cold meals and drinks
• The hut is a starting point for various tours: Mt Bogatin, Mt Krn, the Krnsko jezero lake, the Sedmera jezera (Seven Lakes of Triglav), Mt Triglav
• Central heating

For more information and reservation call Alpine Hut under Bogatin, Bohinj, on the telephone number +386 (0)4 828 - 03 - 05.

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Bohinjsko jezero
Ukanc 148